A Quick Guide to Creating a Personal Website

From Html to Hosting

June 10, 2016

Have you ever stumbled upon someone’s awesome looking personal website, and thought, “Wow, that looks great! I really need to get around to making my own sometime…?” Well it’s your lucky day, because I’m here to walk you through the process from start to finish, and it should only take you about a day to do.

What, still not convinced? Okay, let’s review some of the reasons why having a personal website is such a swell idea. For one, it’s your own personal platform, from which you can touch on any topic you like. For instance, say you like football. You can make a blog about your favorite players. Or you could go a little further, and host your own fantasy football application that you wrote. The cool part is that no matter what you can dream up, (and find/build) you can host on the world wide web where others can find it.

Of course, most of us just want one to represent ourselves on the web because it provides the perfect medium for potential business associates or job recruiters. And who doesn’t want a job?

Me, Myself, I——An Introduction

May 27, 2016

Hey there, my name’s Morgan. Let me first start off by telling you a little about myself. I’m a (training) web developer currently enrolled in a coding bootcamp called the Viking Code School. I’ve had an interest in software engineering for quite a long time now, but I’m finally at a point where it makes sense to take the next step. While most of what I do these days consists of alt-tabbing between Hacker News and Emacs, during more “normal” times of my life I consider myself a dedicated movie fan, book reader and (sometimes) soccer player. As for the future, I have hopes of starting a company some day, but in the mean time I settle for concerning myself with all things “entrepreneur.”

On to the point of the post — I’ve been “learning to code” for quite a while now. I put that in quotes, because I mean the phrase loosely. You see, the first time I ever decided to learn to code was probably something like five or six years ago, when I was still in high school. I’d decided to start off with none other than Python. I made the obligatory hello-world program and some other basic ones, like a fibonacci number generator. I remember feeling elated at my newfound ability to write incantations, er, programs — It felt like magic, being able to get the computer to do work for me like that.


March 1, 2016

I’ve recently re-tackled the Command Line Chess project at the end of the Learn Ruby track over at The Odin Project. Here’s [sic] the post that chronicled my first go at it in May of last year. On first glance, I thought it would be fairly straightforward, but as it turned out I underestimated the complexity of the ancient game. If memory serves (I was new to version control at the time, so no code) the checkmate? method is what derailed me. I had some weird side effects in my code that made me decide that it would probably be best if I just started back at the drawing board, but I ended up getting bored with it and moving onto something different. I’m happy to announce, however, that I’ve got my first working version up and running today!


June 8, 2015

Okay, so it’s been a minute. Let me get you caught up:

  • I postponed my chess project. I got everything working minus the FINAL method, "checkmate?" It’s surprisingly difficult. I decided to move onto Rails. I intend to come back to this project someday and knock it out of the park
  • So far Rails has been fun. MVC and all that.
  • Real life got in the way and I had to switch laptops. I also got behind on coding for a few days.
  • I decided to install Arch Linux onto my new Lenovo T420 laptop. I’ve never run Linux before, so Arch has definitely been a shocker for me.

So, if you know anything about Arch Linux, you’ll know that it’s about as barebones as it gets when it comes to Operating Systems. I installed it because I’d read it’s a good OS for performance, and I’ve been thinking about making the switch to Linux for a while now. Arch was definitely like jumping into the deep end of the pool, but I feel like I’ve learned a lot in the past two days it’s taken to set it all up.